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Transferrable Skills Unmasked: how can your degree help your future career?

Transferrable Skills Unmasked: how can your degree help your future career?

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This session will unmask the skills you learn alongside your degree subject, and help you work out how to make the best use of your time at university to develop these skills so that when you graduate, you will be able to use that knowledge and confidence in your job applications to improve your career prospects.

Your university career provides you with a whole lot of subject information and when you leave, you'll know everything you need to know about your subject. But how does all this relate to the world of employment, when knowing about equations, theories, and concepts might have limited connection with the job you do?

Your university career is about more than just a degree subject and your learning journey will provide you with a whole host of skills (known as transferable skills) that can give you a boost when it comes to getting the role of your dreams when you graduate. From working in banks and police stations to the world inside a classroom or operating theatre, the skills you learn at university will support you in every career avenue - as long as you know how to identify and develop those skills.

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Transferrable Skills Unmasked: how can your degree help your future career?

By Dr Vanessa Parson
Dr Vanessa Parson works at the University of Sunderland as Associate Head of the School of Psychology as well as being the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Project Lead within the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Vanessa is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching Fellow for Assessment. With a background in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, specifically the psychology of distraction, Vanessa now focuses on the psychology of learning, academic integrity, and assessment, and is currently working across the university to address the challenges to education and assessment posed by artificial intelligence while teaching her students about the Psychology of Belief and Cyberpsychology. Vanessa's previous publication, Study and Communication Skills for Psychology (2012, 2018) is also published with Oxford University Press.

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