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Criminology 3rd edition

Criminology 3rd edition

Paperback by Newburn, Tim (London School of Economics, UK)


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17 Feb 2017


Comprehensive and accessible, Tim Newburn's bestselling Criminology provides an introduction to the fundamental themes, concepts, theories, methods and events that underpin the subject and form the basis for all undergraduate degree courses and modules in Criminology and Criminal Justice. This third edition includes: A new chapter on politics, reflecting the ever increasing coverage of political influence and decision making on criminology courses New and updated crime data and analysis of trends, plus new content on recent events such as the Volkswagen scandal, the latest developments on historic child abuse, as well as extended coverage throughout of the English riots A fully revised and updated companion website, including exam, review and multiple choice questions, a live Twitter feed from the author providing links to media and academic coverage of events related to the concepts covered in the book, together with links to a dedicated textbook Facebook page Fully updated to reflect recent developments in the field and extensively illustrated, this authoritative text, written by a leading criminologist and experienced lecturer, is essential reading for all students of Criminology and related fields.


Part 1: Understanding Crime and Criminology 1. Understanding Crime and Criminology 2. Crime and Punishment in History 3. Crime Data and Crime Trends 4. Crime and the Media 5. The Politics of Crime and its Control Part 2: Understanding Crime: Theories and Concepts 6. Classicism and Positivism 7. Biological Positivism 8. Psychological Positivism 9. Durkheim, Anomie and Strain 10. The Chicago School, Subcultures and Cultural Criminology 11. Interactionism and Labelling Theory 12. Control Theories 13. Radical and Critical Criminology 14. Realist Criminology 15. Contemporary Classicism 16. Feminist Criminology 17. Late Modernity, Governmentality and Risk Part 3: Understanding Crime: Types and Trends 18. Victims, Victimisation and Victimology 19. White Collar and Corporate Crime 20. Organised Crime 21. Violent and Property Crime 22. Drugs and Alcohol Part 4: Understanding Criminal Justice 23. Penology and Punishment 24. Understanding Criminal Justice 25. Crime Prevention and Community Safety 26. Policing 27. Criminal Courts and the Court Process 28. Sentencing and Non-custodial Penalties 29. Prisons and Imprisonment 30. Youth Crime and Youth Justice 31. Restorative Justice Part 5: Critical Issues in Criminology 32. Race, Crime and Criminal Justice 33. Gender, Crime and Justice 34. Criminal and Forensic Psychology 35. Green Criminology 36. Globalisation, Terrorism and Human Rights Part 6: Doing Criminology 36. Understanding Criminological Research 37. Doing Criminological Research Glossary Bibliography Index

3rd edition
Taylor & Francis Ltd
1168 pages

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